Mid Winter Gratitude

I continue to rejoice in the love of Christ as He sends me the women who need my help in trying to conceive or remedy pelvic pain. This little practice of mine never ceases to amaze me and I say thank you for trusting me to care for you in this time of struggle and confusion. 

Infertility is part of your journey and is sometimes a really bitter pill but not without it's own graces and lessons. Walking through this myself I remember thinking that I was pregnant than my period would come and I'd feel crushed for several reasons and chief among them was the lack of support from my then husband but also my own heart would ache as I'd experience intense menstrual pain from endometriosis. Not one professional that I consulted gave me hope. Not one. It was a deflated and defeating feeling. During my marriage I had 7 pregnancies and 2 healthy pregnancies. 5 losses is nearly enough to shatter one's heart. It was lonely. 

I must say that where I am now with my two children (3 and 6) I look back on my journey to this place and it was not easy but here I am and still serving women. My commitment to myself and to you is to serve you as you walk this path. It's okay. All will be well and you don't have to feel alone. I'm right here. 

Blessings and Grace.

A season of Thanksgiving....

My first blog post comes at the time of year during one of my favorite seasons of giving thanks for all of the wondrous happenings in the past year and everyday. While we may not be fully awake to all of the blessings each and every day they continue to happen all around us. We give thanks to our good health, friends and family and new life. I'm reminded constantly that new life is abundant as I serve the women in my fertility practice and hear of their good news of pregnancy at every turn. It excites me and humbles me beyond my wildest imagination. I love helping couples to a conscious conception. Putting women in charge of their own cycles and getting them involved as proactive partners really makes them appreciate their bodies capabilities.

I have a great appreciation for the other medical professionals that I work with in collaboration to help serve women that need their expertise. I am thankful for your trust in me and my skills. Namely Zvi Binor, MD who is a Reproductive Endocrinologist at Rush Copley Hospital in Aurora, Illinois. My relationship with Dr. Binor goes far beyond just professional. I am happy to call him my friend too.

Ultimately I am grateful for my two beautiful little children in which I was told that I could have possibly never conceived and delivered. Back in 2008 I had my third laparoscope to clean up and remove some of the endometriosis in my pelvic cavity and once the doctor was done with the surgery I was told that I'd need to undergo IVF. I'm happy to say that IVF was not something I had to do to have my babies. I am not against IVF but I knew that it was not an option for me personally.

If you struggle with fertility challenges please come see me. I'm happy to discuss gentle options to help serve you. If you are seeking a Mercier Therapist in your area than please take a look at our practitioner listing on www.MercierTherapy.com

A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours. God bless.

~Jenny Mercier