Almost Spring......

I'm learning more and more to be patient with everything. I used to think that I was patient than God jumped in and threw me a curve ball....actually a few curve balls. I'm good with the curve balls......send me more if you like. I'm being taught how juggle and be creative with time management and building good constructive planning to end with solid solutions. The thing is taking time for myself in the interim. Do you take time for yourself? Are you trying to achieve something important in your life? I find that journalling helps me to re-focus or get focused. Give it a try. Taking a walk is therapeutic as well. Disconnect and walk to get a clear message of guidance.

If you're dealing with the dilemma of how to help yourself with healing from pain, physical or emotional, I welcome you to come to see me for a visit.

Are you trying to become pregnant? This can be a trying time to let the reigns drop when you really want to control the situation. Remember, the more you try to control anything the more resistance you'll meet. I'm happy to walk through this with you. I've been in your shoes.

Spring is a season where new life starts. It is a season of renewal. Allow yourself to take it all in....breathe.....breathe.......breathe. Plant something. Growing new life and watching it's progress is incredibly therapeutic.

All is well and I leave you with this " Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning." ~Albert Einstein

Blessings to you dear sisters.