Tulips and Fresh Air

Hello Lovlies! I always feel like Spring is a great time of renewal. The crocuses are popping through the old leaf covering and it just reminds me of how dainty yet strong the life of those little flowers really is. This is the message......we are very fragile yet strong beyond what we may feel.

Go outside, take a walk, disconnect from all the technology and just take in the smells and sounds from nature. Life can carry us away in the direction of disconnection but what we really need is nature and people. There is nothing more refreshing for me than sharing time with good friends or attending a hot yoga class. Sometimes there is an overwhelming sense of guilt for self-care. We've got to move away from this thinking and just let our lives unfold as they've been intended to move and flow. I am working on this myself. Sometimes I do very well and others not-so-good. I am a real person just like you.....I too need to just put my phone down and allow myself to be carefree. 

Take some time. Think about your opportunity for self care. What is it that brings you joy? Could you go for a pedicure or out to lunch with a friend.....how about a walk or bike ride? Have you been trying to conceive or eliminate pain from your body? I'm here to help you with that and I'm not going anywhere so please let me know how I can help you in caring for yourself.