The New Year

Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead. Peter 1:6

I am truly glad to close out 2015 and move full force into 2016. I believe in my heart and soul that 2016 will bring about new relationships that will create strong bonds in paths to healing and lots of new babies. As I've said work in instructing other professionals in Mercier Therapy and my practice in serving women and couples is so endearing to me personally and professionally.

Most people start a new year by creating resolutions that are quickly forgotten and mostly not revisited until the next new year or perhaps along the way of the current year. I commit to be more spiritually centered and of service to God each year and I'm happy to report that my commitment has held strong for many years. I feel very close to an abundant source of light and love and of blessings and encouragement to continue on with my work, my passion.

I ask you to commit to yourself in however you feel the need to be better or more trusting of your own self. We are amazing beings and possess the power to serve each and every day to a person in need of a listening ear or just to be better period. I believe in you! I lift you higher than you could ever expect possible. I wish you the joy and wonder of life. I wish for you to never stop learning. I wish for all of us a peace and a calm so we can hear our own heart and mind to make good decisions.

You are a beautiful being and if you chose......if you need my help.......come see me. I am here and I will promise to walk with you on your journey whether it be towards motherhood or healing.

Nothing can stop God's plan for you. Isaiah 14:27

Blessed be,

Jennifer Mercier