Festivity is Among Us

Happy December 1st 2015 to you all. Wow! This year has passed so incredibly fast. Our little one is 18 months old and just watching him grow has been fiercely rapid. Life is full of amazing blessings. I can't count all of the blessings that I've received in 2015. It has been just an amazing year of change and growth for everyone close to me. 

My best advice to you is to make good heartfelt decisions for yourself. If you're contending with pain , physical or emotional, than find a therapist or good friend..church or whatever brings peace and commit. Commit to feeling better so you can care for yourself and make good life decisions and changes.

My greatest and most fervent wish for my practice and classes in 2016 is for my documentary film to circulate worldwide so practitioners can serve and women can start to heal. 

God's most Divine blessings to you all.